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During the later years of production, Cemco manufactured over 250 models of wide belt sanders and orbital sanders. Because of the enormous number of different machine designs in the field, it is imperative to have an excellent overall understanding of all the machine designs. Our experience gives us just that.

Mohawk Machine & Engineering has the largest selection of parts on hand of any supplier and the knowledge to manufacture or supply anything you could need to keep your sander running. We can even find it hard to get parts for other brands of wide belt sanders.

Mohawk Machine & Engineering LLC
Mohawk Machine & Engineering LLC

It is a widely known fact that Cemco started manufacturing planer/sanders in 1974, and continued making design evolutions until 2005. These machines were sold in 3 different series and in over 100 different models.
The engineers at Mohawk Machine were involved in all the design, application specification, and new model introductions, giving us unparalleled parts and service knowledge of this machine platform. We can also supply hard to get or obsolete parts for other brands of planer/sanders.

Starting in 1965 Cemco manufactured boring machines in horizontal, table leaf, vertical, seat boring machines, single spindle, double end trim and bore, and horizontal/vertical configurations. Each boring machine style was manufactured in several working widths, spindle styles, and with different numbers of heads. With over 1,500 of these machines in the field, supplying the correct part can be a daunting task.

As complicated as this may sound, all manufactured and purchased parts for these machines as well as service are supplied by Mohawk Machine.

Mohawk Machine & Engineering LLC