60 Years of Sanding Applications Experience

Mohawk Machine and Engineering LLC was created with two main business focuses. The first purpose is to assist Newman Machine Co. of Greensboro, North Carolina, with the design, manufacture, and marketing of a revolutionary new design of planer/sander combinations and wide belt sanders for the US market.

Ben Dyer and Gene Brooks are the owners of Mohawk Machine, and together they have more than 60 years of sanding applications experience. The secondary wood products industry is intimately familiar with the Newman name brand as they are arguably the oldest premier US manufacturer of knife planers and rip saws.


The coupling of the sanding application expertise of Dyer and Brooks with the Newman Machine Co name recognition and reputation for quality, high production, heavy-duty, machinery makes this an unbeatable combination to fill a huge void in the US-wide belt sander and planer/sander markets. These machine designs will be of a modular configuration with extremely high-tech controls, unlike anything sold in this market to date.

The goal of this alliance is to make the Newman Whitney wide belt sanders and planer/sander combinations the highest quality, most versatile, US-built machinery of its type in the world. This design is destined to raise the bar by setting the highest standard production rate among all the manufacturers of this type of machinery in the world.